A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

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I have been working all week setting up midi and volume changes in order that my 7x will operated the BK by wireless midi. Boy, Roland could have made this easier. You know that their instruction book does leave a lot to figure out. I can remember that when I got my old RA-50 I had the same problems with the instruction book vrs my Technics keyboard which was very clear about set ups.

If anyone out there has found an easier way to do these set ups let me know. I have about 60 hours in setting up just the one set of 14 registers.

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A couple of folks asked me to respond to this. . . . . . I am doing so reluctantly because there is something drastically wrong the equipment or components, if success can't be attained within 60 hours. . . . ..

To enable us to understand your situation better. . . . . . . .

Please explain what setting up 14 sets of registers has to do with setting up wireless MIDI?

Does everything work properly for you when hooked -up not wireless?

You need to let everyone know which model of wireless MIDI you are trying to set up?

Are you using the Roland Dongle or the FBC-7?

Have you phoned Roland Customer Service or your Roland dealer for assistance?

If you have spent 60 hours already, what have you accomplished?

Do you really need wireless MIDI or just wireless audio?

Maybe if you address some of these questions and post them, help will arrive.

What is your location, city and state?

If you wish email a sketch to me, explaining what has been done and what you want to accomplish, perhaps I can send you in the right direction.  If not, I'll respond with "sorry!"

I want to thank everyone who responded to my questions. I have completed my set up of each of the 14 registers on my 7x. I have each now sending a midi message to the BK to choose the particular instrument that I feel will complement the 7x accordion or orchestra tone. I can also set the volume of the tone on the BK from the 7x via wireless midi just as I do with the volume knob on the 7x. I found that velocity does in fact play a BIG part in making the BK act and sound like the 7x.

With these settings on the BK I have also found that playing both my FR18 and especially my acoustic button box made a big difference in sound quality. All of which I think was due to not paying enough attention to the velocity setting on the BK for the most part on 95 percent of the tones needs to be at 127 or close to it.

Again, the Roland manual does not provide enough attention to these kind of set problems I can see why so many players have voiced their questions on volume. As is now I can just fine tune using the BK balance and volume knobs. If I find I need I bunch more volume, I do that on the amp mains.

Yes, it took many hours of experimenting and asking questions since last Dec 2013 but, now I feel I have arrived where I want to be. I am having a wireless midi installed in the FR 18 and then in my acoustic button box next to complete my set. Yes, I have to keep the old acoustic to play with the group because the boys are intimidated by the Roland V accordions and their tones. I use that one with the BK for only bass when the bass player does not show uop. When I start adding other instruments, the boys say I am changing the sound of the band too much. I call it something else. The tones can sound better than the best standard instruments.

PS I have a great sounding 4-5 sets acoustic piano keyboard accordion that I am going to sell. I no longer have a use for it with my 7x. Email me if interested and I will email photos and a clip of sound registers.

Note to Roland. Since I now believe you are going to continue making V boxes, how about putting more effort in the manual. Yes, many of us do read them cover to cover many many times.

Having too much fun to cut the grass again.........



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