A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

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I am branching out from my Chromatic Button Accordion to a Diatonic Baffetti (TexMex II). I am seeking recommendations for Method Books, DVDs, On-Line Sites or any another training resources in the English language. While I speak Spanish, I can't keep up with the Mexican vid's on Utube and don't understand many of the words relative to music.

At this point, I am more interested in the mechanics/layout of diatonic accordions, technique and theory relative to the DBA, than in learning a song or two. Once I understand the instrument, I can find and learn the songs I like.

Tex Mex, Norteno, Tehano in that order, are where my interests lie.

Flaco Jimenez & Josh Baca are two accordionistas who's styles I'd like to emulate.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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