A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

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Fairbanks Alaska Summer Arts Festival

Hello Everyone,
Boy are we having a fantastic time here in Alaska - please mark you calenders AND plan to attend next year!!! Besides having 2 classes - Improv and Inter/Adv Accordion - total 2 1/2 hrs daily for 10 days - the sight-seeing alone is worth it. We have covered so much material each day in class - and there is so much time to review and build on what we have learned!

Please see the UStream Links to follow each night's LIVE internet broadcasts OR just catch the Recorded sessions. If you can't find it - just SEARCH for Accordion Workshop on I am trying to edit the recorded sessions to make them easier to follow - until then - just watch the date and time stamps.

We have covered chords, arpeggios and adding these "on the fly". We have mastered 4 note lead in basses and learned several fantastic ways to end a section or a song. We are NOW using proper bellow techiniques to enhance a phrase and this week we have so much MORE to learn.

I will review my lesson plans and try to have that night's song selections posted here on the NET.

Tonight we will be "practice" performing their selected EASY songs (3 each) - for a performance on Tues. night at Pioneer Village - a local historic park. SOO - I will post these later tonight - I don't know what songs they will be bringing. I will bring my 3 favorite - so these are posted below.

This weeks proposed schedule is the same times as last week - Mon - Wed - Thurs - Fri. - With Tues being a public performance using the skills already learned. I will try for a live broadcast from the park - but please understand if you dial in and we are not live - I will do my best.

Thank you so much for tuning in - This is proving to be a fantastic opportunity to share and teach via the internet.

Here are my three songs:
Somewhere, My Love.pdf
Yours - Quiereme Mucho-Simple.pdf

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