A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

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My first time tuning in....I think this is awesome,,,even though I have been playing since the age of 9 ( I am now 64), it never hurts to go back to basics, you always pick up stuff....Shleila is so upbeat, she is I need her to clarify the fingering for the Champage Polka in one spot....I can't seem to find an easy pattern...its when you go from the 2nd bar of the beginning of the first part after the intro to the next bar...where the chord changes to D7...I start on the 2nd finger then hit the high G with the 5th ...I end up on the 3rd on the last note of the 2nd bar which is D....I then get stuck getting to the C being the first note in bar 3...I would like to get to my 5th finger which would make the rest of bar 3 flow quite smoothly....I end up with my thumb on the C which makes it an awkward jump to my 4th on the can smoothly...any help would be appreciated...Ray

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Comment by Ray Baumgarten on January 24, 2012 at 11:58pm

Great job Shelia...your fingering for the Champagne Polka works very well...I am now "unstuck"  as I was ok with the rest of the tune....great session came in quite clear though I get some pauses that make it difficult to see your fingers at work...may be a slow internet connection at my end as I do not have high speed ... but I am picking up some nice tips and appreciate how important it is to learn those chords and arpeggios! I look forward to next week's session. Cheers.

Ray in Ottawa.

Comment by Shelia Lee on January 24, 2012 at 9:55am

In lesson #11 - TODAY - I have - what I hope is the answer to your question. - I have written out the run section and put in the fingering - YES - it was a rough one to figure out.




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