A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

                                                                     - FOR NONACCORDIONIST


Live Accordion Lessons (Keyboard & Diatonic Button)

Tune in LIVE to get your basics in accordion playing. And if that isn't convenient - the sessions will be saved for later viewing.

Mark Ropel and I (Shelia) will be hosting a 1 hour LIVE accordion lesson every Tuesday at NOON starting September 21st. There are 20 lessons planned - to follow the 20 songs in the Palmer and Hughes lesson book 2 - so if you don't have one - get one (I have them in stock - if you need one).

Each one hour lessons will feature one song from PH Bk 2 (Alfred Publishing Authorized us to teach these live - but we can't SHOW the sheet music "on air") and we will publish 2 to 3 companion songs of the same technique level for each PH song (promise these will be MUCH MORE CURRENT). These we CAN SHOW and make available for download (From Texas Accordion Net) If playing a diatonic - the fingering will be changed.

Songs in Ph Book 2 include:
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes, Camptown Races, The Big Parade, The Caissons Go Rolling Along
Come to the Sea, Marine's Hymn, The Echo Waltz, Vive L'Amour
She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain, Over the Waves, Golden Slippers, Chiapanecas
Country Gardens, Minka, The Merry Widow, La Donna E Mobile
County Fair, Arabian Enchantment, Arkansas Traveler, Danube Waves

There will be technique skills (promise to make these FUN) and other cool "play with others" tips and lots of practice and performance tips including - how to customize each song to make it YOURS.

When the 20 weeks are up - you will have up to 80 songs to add to your repertoire, a NEW or RENEWED technique style to your playing, firm ability to accompany any song with simple chords, and a positive attitude about your accordion playing ability.

THEN - if you like what we did with PH Book 2 - just wait for what we have in store for PH Book 3!

Thank you for tuning in.

Shelia & Mark

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