A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

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Welcome ALL!!!!


Button - Keyboard - Chromatic - Cajun/Zydeco

Please review the events that are posted - we have an accordion competition AND JAM coming up in 2 weeks. All accordion types are invited. We will have a simple solo competition - by age and by accordion - example - if you are 63 years old - and play the keyboard accordion - you perform a solo - with or without your music - you are graded against yourself - and you receive a Medal based on the score you made -

EVERYONE - GETS A MEDAL!!!!! - Then the top 3 grades in the OVER 61 Category receives a Trophy!!! There is a category for each age bracket and for Cajun, or Keyboard/Chromatic, or Button Accordion.

THEN - there will be a JAM category - where - example if you are 13 years old and play the cajun box - you will perform 2 songs of varying styles - and you are allowed a back up band (3 pieces) or backtrack. This might require a 2nd round to determine the winners - so be prepared to play the style music the judge WILL ask for in round 2. You will be graded and the top three in your age bracket - will receive a Trophy.  There is a category for each age bracket and for Cajun, or Keyboard/Chromatic, or Button Accordion.

THEN - the top 2 scores - from ALL the Jam Categories - will have their choice of a Roland Fr18, Roland Fr1x, or Hohner Corona II.

We are encouraging ALL Accordionists - beginners, amateurs, semi-professionals - Cajun, Zydeco, Vallenato, Norteno, Tex/Mex, Conjunto, Italian, German, Czech, Celtic and more!!! to enter - you ALL WILL WIN!!!!

Come and enjoy Jamming ALL DAY - there will be 2 stages of Jamming going on the entire day.

See the website for details -


Then the next day - Sunday - Steve Albini & Tatiana will be hosting a Roland Workshop - at Heritage Arts Productions - 1:30 to 4pm - Bring your Roland - to learn some neat programming tricks - and then join in the Jam after a Mini Concert by Steve & Tatiana -FREE.

If you don't have a Roland - come and cash in on the DEEP DISCOUNTS we will be offering during the workshop.

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