A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

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June 4th - 5:15 - Texas FolkLife Jam Music - 2011

Texas Folklife 2011 Accordion Jam
This will be our 3rd annual Accordion Jam prior to the King & Queen of Squeeze Concert and Big Squeeze Finals. Bring your accordion and join in the fun. Miller Outdoor Theater - 100 Hermann Park Drive
Houston, TX 77012 (713) 284-8351. There are tickets required - but they are FREE. Get your ticket from Shelia at the table she will have behind the theater (by the concessions)

We will assemble in front of the Pit area between 5 & 5:15pm. The songs we will probably have time to play are: Jambalaya (F), Beer Barrel Polka (C/F), Deep in the Heart of TX (F), Yellow Rose of Tx (C),  The Eyes of TX (G),  La Barranca (G), La Mucura (G), and Nuevo Laredo (G) - and if time permits – button players will play El Circa (G). On the songs you don't know - Shelia will HOLLAR the Key changes!!!


Here is the written music that are FREE to download!!!! I have backtracks too - but this site won't let me upload them here. Email me and I can send them if you need.

Jambalaya - Key of F Jambalaya-Key%20F.pdf

The Yellow Rose of Tx Key of C The%20Yellow%20Rose%20of%20Texas%20key%20C.pdf

The Eyes of Texas Key of G 15%20The%20Eyes%20of%20Texas.pdf

Deep in the Heart of Texas Key of F 


La Barranca Key of G 09%20La%20Barranca.pdf

La Mucura Key of G 05%20La%20Mucura.pdf

Nuevo Laredo Key of G Nuevo%20Laredo.pdf

El Circa Key of G El%20Circo.pdf


Even if you don't know the songs - with the exception of Beer Barrel - they all have only 2 or 3 chords - you can play along on chords only. 


You can bring a chair or stool or music stand if you like. Then - you can stay for the evening competition and concert.


Thank you all for participating - we have had a ball in the past - and hope to surpass last year's number of over 35 accordion players.


If you have any questions - please call Shelia at 281-788-6667 or

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