A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

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Shelia Lee's Accordion Blog - Accordion Playing Made FUN!

I have just started an Accordion Blog

- with all kinds of GOODIES - loaded there.

There are:

  1. Level 1 to level 5 Solos - Christmas, 60s-70s, German, French, Italian, other ethnic, etc.
  2. Level 1 to level 5 - Duets and Trios
  3. Monthly Lessons - to progress your playing ability forward

All kinds of exercises - bases on -

  1. Learning to Play Chords (Comping)
  2. Learning to HEAR and play COUNTS
  3. Learning to add more to your solos (Plumping and fills)
  4. Learning to change keys and chord modulations
  5. Learning different bass styles (Latin, Tango, Country, Rock N Roll, etc)

There are links back to the Texas Accordion Net - for the Palmer & Hughes Lesson sessions for Book 2 & 3.

Currently this sight is ALL FREE. If a song is password protected - all you have to do is email me and I will send the password. It will change every few months - but when it changes - I will automatically send you the new password. email -

Paypal donations supports the site - so if you find something you want or have been looking for - please donate - my PayPal email is:

Thank you for spreading the word about this NEW ACCORDION BLOG - there have already been over 4000 hits in the last 60 days - and growing daily.


Shelia Lee

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