A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

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(Please click Continue to see all Files attached) I have attached the songs we will be Jamming to at the Texas Folklife Big Squeeze Pre-Concert Jam. please download and enjoy. Last year we managed to play about 7 songs - I know we will HAVE to do: Jambalaya, Beer Barrel, Yellow Rose of TX, Deep in the Heart of Tx, Cielito Lindo, and Nuevo Laredo. Then plan to end with The Eyes of Texas or God Bless America. (Note - San Antonio Rose PDF file was corrected 5-7-10)

I also have backtracks to each of these songs - see below.

America, the Beautiful.pdf
Beer Barrel Polka (4backtrack).pdf
Cielito Lindo.pdf
Deep in the Heart of Texas Key F (4backtracks).pdf
God Bless America.pdf
La Barranca.pdf
La Mucura in Thirds.pdf
Las Gaviotas.pdf
11 Nuevo Laredo.pdf
San Antonio Rose Key C.pdf
La Cucaracha Diatonic Key G.pdf
The Yellow Rose of Texas key C.pdf
The Eyes of Texas.pdf

Here is the complete list of songs selected for this year:
Texas Folklife 2010
1 America the Beautiful C
2 Beer Barrel Polka C/F
3 Cielito Lindo Key C
4 Deep in the Heart of Tx Key F
5 El Rancho Grande Key G
6 God Bless America C
7 Jambalaya C
8 La Barranca Key G
9 La Mucura Key G
10 Las Gaviotas Key G
11 Nuevo Laredo Key G
12 San Antonio Rose C
13 La Cucaracha G
14 Yellow Rose of Texas C
15 Eyes of Texas Key C

Here are the backtracks for you to practice with and use for your personal use.
1. America the Beautiful BG.mp3
2. El Barrilito (Beer Barrel) bg.mp3
3. Cielito Lindo bg.mp3
4. Deep in the Heart of Texas bg.mp3
5. El Rancho Grande in G bg.mp3
6. God Bless America BG.mp3
7. Jambalaya bg.mp3
8. La Barranca BG.mp3
9. La Mucura BG 2.mp3
10. Las Gaviotas BG.mp3
11. Nuevo Laredo BG.mp3
12. San Antonio Rose BG.mp3
13. 01 La Cucaracha BG.mp3
14. Yellow Rose of Texas bg.mp3
15. 01 The Eyes of Texas BG.mp3

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