A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

                                                                     - FOR NONACCORDIONIST


Palmer & Hughes Lesson Book 3 FREE Online Lessons starting

YES - you have all asked and we are now planning the continuation of last year's Lessons FREE ONLINE - this time for Palmer & Hughes Lesson Book 3 -we are shooting for a weekly one hour slot - and all sessions will be taped for future use.


So purchase your book 3 now (Amazon or Alfred) - we will keep you posted on the time and date.


ALSO - now is the time for you to review the lessons taught last year for PH #2 - still available HERE in the blogs - just search for Accordion Lessons and follow the Session numbers.


ALSO - if you have a favorite tune you would like to learn - please email me and I will include it in the lessons for Book 3.



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