A good book for chord system instruction for all keyboard players - Chord Piano is Fun by T.K. Gopforth

                                                                     - FOR NONACCORDIONIST


Start Time and Date For On-Line FREE Lessons

YEAH - we finally have a start date and time. We are going to broadcast LIVE via AND we are choosing a later time in the day - that last year.


Session ONE - Palmer & Hughes Lesson Book 3 - Tues. Nov. 8 at 3 PM Central Standard Time. We will roll for one hour and will post the session lesson material at least a few days in advance. SOO get your Book 3 purchased - and be ready to ROCK & ROLL!


I am planning to hit Elvis & the Beatles pretty heavy as well as some movie and TV themes. AND a little WIllie Nelson!!! AND of course some Christmas and Holiday Songs.


SOO - start now - warm up on your drills from PH Book 2 - we did last year - I will see you in a few weeks.



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